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San Diego Zoo Global Academy

Zoo Atlanta Inspired: DIY Courses

A new addition to San Diego Zoo Global Academy is the opportunity for “Do It Yourself” (DIY) courses. This innovation came from Zoo Atlanta’s desire to have in-house training content converted to an online course, which then could be available in their institution’s custom, privately branded Academy site. Marci Creath from Zoo Atlanta got together with the SDZGA/Cypherworx team and came up with a unique solution.

Marci tells it best: “We have an annual training session at Zoo Atlanta in which all our managers are required to participate, and this training allows us to reduce our liability insurance rates. Historically, Human Resources presented a one-hour session using PowerPoint, and I would then hold several sessions in an attempt to meet everyone’s schedules. Each year, challenges arose when someone was sick, traveling, or simply had schedule conflicts. I contacted the Academy team to see if we could come up with a solution. They asked if I could record the audio of the presentation that accompanied our existing PowerPoint. Once this was completed, I forwarded it to CypherWorx along with quiz questions and answers. The result is that now we administer the course online, and organizing the session is off my plate, since each manager takes the course when his or her schedule allows. Course completion is tracked in the reporting module of the Academy. Creating an electronic format has allowed us to meet our needs, document the required participation, and save a significant amount of time.”

This process is now being made available to any institution with a privately branded site.  The Academy team will translate your PowerPoint and audio into a SCORM compliant course, and you can use this very affordable service to customize your training as needed. One institution that heard about the DIY solution is already developing eight new courses for use on their site to train their employees on content unique to their institution. Now you can develop courses on important topics specific to you, and the course content is from your own subject matter experts. Thank you Marci for this great contribution to the Academy’s collaborative learning environment!

For more on the DIY options, please contact Jon Prange at jprange@sandiegozoo.org

Hot Topic: AZA Mid-Year

The AZA Mid-Year Conference is fast approaching, taking place later this month in Memphis. The Academy will have an exhibitor’s table at the conference, so please come by to talk about online training opportunities within the zoo and aquarium community. We look forward to seeing you!

To schedule time to talk during the conference, please contact Gary Priest at gpriest@sandiegozoo.org or Jon Prange at jprange@sandiegozoo.org

European Association of Zoos and Aquaria. EAZA Academy

Global Academy News

Partner Spotlight

This month, we are pleased to spotlight our Academy partner, the Association of Zoo Horticulturists (AZH), which is creating online courses that leverage their mission-related efforts and subject matter experts. Please look for more news to follow as we share highlights of our collaboration.  


The Academy Welcomes the Memphis Zoo!

The Memphis Zoo has joined the San Diego Zoo Global Academy and will have two privately branded customized sites, one for their employees and one for their volunteers. Welcome!


Overview of Custom Learning Platforms Now on Academy Site

Would you like to better understand subscriptions for institutions? Perhaps you’ve heard about custom, privately branded sites for employees and volunteers but are not sure what that entails. The Academy’s informational website now has an overview to help answer those questions: Custom Learning Platform Section of Academy Site

Have you joined the Academy Updates group in the Academy?

If you are an Academy subscriber, the Academy Updates group is a great way to stay informed about all the innovative things happening in the collaborative learning environment. As new announcements are made in the group, the notifications can be sent directly to your email in-box. This is another tool that can be used on your custom site for internal communications, as well.

If you are interested in more about the Academy Updates group, please contact Jon Prange at jprange@sandiegozoo.org

Helpful Hints from San Diego Zoo Global’s My Academy and The Volunteer Connection

My Academy and The Volunteer Connection are the custom, privately branded employee and volunteer sites for our own institution at San Diego Zoo Global. This section highlights some helpful hints from our respective sites.

My Academy Helpful Hint

Did someone miss an “All Hands Meeting”? Your custom learning platform is a great place for employees to revisit the organization's annual goals and accomplishments and have the opportunity to view an archived video of a presentation if they weren't able to be there in person.  Sometimes a video or an online course can even replace the need for some meetings, and the message can reach more employees and be of value longer. Contact us if you would like to know how you can make presentations or training easier and more efficient!
— Stephanie Crise: scrise@sandiegozoo.org

Volunteer Connection Helpful Hint

Need volunteers to complete paperwork before their scheduled shifts? Add the paperwork to the Resources section of your Volunteer Connection site, giving them instructions to read, print, sign and bring with them on their next volunteer visit. Feature the document so it appears first on the list with a bright yellow star so they can’t miss it! This also helps drive them to your site and engages them even more.
— Tammy Rach, The Volunteer Connection: trach@sandiegozoo.org

Zoo & Conservation News Highlights

Scan through all of the Zoo & Conservation News compiled by the San Diego Zoo Global Library this week at the library website.

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