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San Diego Zoo Global Academy

What's New at San Diego Zoo Global Academy

Efficacy Testing Underway

San Diego Zoo Global Academy has recently implemented efficacy testing of its new, online, collaborative learning environment, developed in conjunction with Cypherworx. The Academy asked five zoological institutions (Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, Smithsonian’s National Zoo, San Diego Zoo, and San Diego Zoo Safari Park) for their assistance. Each of four animal-care classes began with a 30 question pre-instruction test. After participants completed a course, the same test was given again, and the results were recorded to determine what knowledge had been gained. Ninety days after that, the test will once again be presented to determine what information participants retained—this last phase will take place at the end of April. Initial results are very encouraging. Professor of Educational Technology Dr. James Marshall, of San Diego State University, will be analyzing and interpreting all the data, and the results will be shared at the AZA national conference in September 2013.

Newest Academy Course Added

Our newest animal care training class, "Operant Conditioning and Behavior Management," is now online. Go to your "my catalog" page on the SDZGA to add that class to your list of courses.

New Webinars Available

Four new webinars have been uploaded for San Diego Zoo Global Academy members:

  • Connecting Volunteers in the 21st Century
    by Tammy Rach
    This webinar introduces volunteer managers from around the country to the San Diego Zoo Global Volunteer Connection website.
  • Hand Rearing Avian Neonates
    by Pat Witman
    This webinar provides guidelines for hand rearing neonates that are applicable to a variety of species.
  • Working with Clouded Leopards in Thailand
    by Maureen O. Duryee
    This webinar takes participants along on a trip to Thailand and discusses the challenges and successes of the Clouded Leopard Breeding Consortium.
  • Attracting (and Keeping) New Supporters in the Digital Engagement Age
    by Marla Barr
    This webinar describes what innovative donor engagement looks like in 2013, showing how to embrace this changing donor landscape.

Lunch & Learn

Fire up the San Diego Zoo Global Academy, go to the Resources section, and click on the "Lunch Talk Series" to watch sessions from the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research. Current videos include:

  • Community Based Conservation of the Andean Bear
  • Dietary Phytoestrogens and Reproductive Failure in White Rhinos
  • Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog Conservation: Multiple Approaches
  • Palm Oil as a Conservation Threat
  • Taxon Management Plan Update for the Arroyo Toad
  • The California Least Tern and Western Snowy Plover Project

Zoo & Conservation News Highlights

  • Indonesian Zoo breeds rare komodo dragons [link]
  • Scientists use DNA to quickly unravel relationship between plants and insects [link]
  • Balboa Park’s History Pin project with Google Maps (San Diego) [link]

Scan through all of the Zoo & Conservation News compiled by the San Diego Zoo Global Library this week at the library website.

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