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Getting Better All the Time:
Thinking About Thanksgiving in a Heartfelt New Way


By James F. Gesualdi

To keep ahead, each one of us, no matter what our task, must search for new and better methods—for even that which we now do well must be done better tomorrow.
—James F. Bell

Be thankful every day.
—Wall Wisdom from Jochy’s Bay Shore Barbershop, Bay Shore, Long Island, New York

Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.
—W. J. Cameron

Every day is different, and Thanksgiving is no exception. For all the glorious and comforting traditions, every Thanksgiving is different—and this Thanksgiving is especially unlike any other. A life-enhancing and extending, revitalized heart is a big reason for me to be thankful: grateful for the untold opportunities this affords, grateful for those who aided in getting to and through this, and so much more. But perhaps at the “heart” of the year’s surge of gratitude are countless blessings—and even those “tiny” and “invisible” ones are just as wonderful.

The “wall wisdom” quoted above stopped me in my tracks on a recent six-plus-mile walk (trying to make the most of this “new” life of mine). I was so moved that I entered the barber shop where it was posted, and asked to photograph those words. Like a fresh haircut, these words provide a new look for life: “Be Thankful Every Day.” Living these words means that we should take each new day we are given to think about all the good for which we can be grateful—even when it may seem there may be little or nothing that meets this threshold. There is always something to be thankful for in our lives, and life itself is a fine place to start.

We do work that matters for other living beings entrusted to our care. It can be challenging and hard, but we have been called to do it, we are responsible, and we make a difference. Thank you, to all of you who are doing that now.

Read on, and find out more about “The Upside of Downtime(s),” the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Animal Welfare Task Force Strategic Framework for the Wellbeing of Animals, and reflections on the earnest practice of thanksgiving for all of us who gratefully serve animals and others.

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California (San Diego/Escondido): January 25–26, 2023: This event is being hosted by San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Academy, and is open to all participants.

Georgia (Athens): February 11–12, 2023: This event is being hosted by the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, and is open to all participants.



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